Gwen Jewell is a Clinical Nurse II and Certified Wound Care Specialist by the American Board of Wound Specialists

Gwen graduated from San Francisco State University School of Nursing many moons ago, in 2006. Since then, she has served as faculty clinical instructor for San Francisco State School of Nursing.

In 2011 while working for Dignity Health’s Sequoia Hospital, Gwen volunteered to join her employer’s Hospital Acquired Pressure Ulcer Prevention Team (HAPU). She joined after caring for a patient with a very bad, and ultimately fatal, pressure injury.

As she learned more and worked with people suffering from pressure wounds, she was surprised to discover that the one thing that is most important to prevent pressure injuries is the one thing we are not very good at: getting the pressure off.

Thus her passion for seeking solutions to reduce pressure, keep patients more comfortable, and save lives grew into a unique business concept.

Tapping into her experience running a Relax The Back Store with Caroline Tudor, Gwen realized that it was possible to improve pressure relief equipment and techniques by applying ergonomic science and physical therapy with support technology.

Fast forward to today, Gwen has applied her knowledge and experience to design better positioning cushions and pillows. Additionally, she has identified better patient handling techniques that she now teaches to medical professionals and home caregivers. Her goal is to ensure better products and techniques for optimal safety, comfort, and pressure reduction.

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